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Transformative Courses 

"Each morsel, each thought, each interaction holds the potential to lift us up or drag us down. We wield the power to choose wisely."

Life is a continual transformation, where each present moment shapes us into new versions of ourselves.


Though life we experience phases of stagnation, lightness, grounding, or ungroundedness, the journey continues. I'm passionate about guiding others towards their fullest potential, and to illustrate this, I'll share my personal story of healing, self-discovery, and empowerment.

For years, I worked in education and traveled as a teacher. While physically fit, I lacked true health consciousness. Although I enjoyed movement (dancing, running, horseback riding), I didn't grasp the deeper meaning of holistic well-being - how food, movement, and a clear mind contribute to genuine health.

Despite achieving goals often deemed "fulfilling," I felt dissatisfied, unhappy, and unfulfilled. I hadn't reached my potential as a human, woman, and soul. Disconnected from my purpose and body, I even felt ashamed for these feelings.

My transformation wasn't sudden. In high school and after, I grappled with burnout, depression, and PTSD. From panic attacks to weight gain, a failing immune system, and numbness, these challenges, although difficult, became the catalyst for my healing journey.

Unwilling to return to medication (doctors had prescribed cortisol and antibiotics, ineffective and incompatible with my needs), I embarked on a path of natural healing to reconnect with my body, mind, and evolving self. Little did I know, my roommate's introduction to yoga and spirituality ignited a passion for holistic health. I became a vegan nutritionist, holistic therapist, Reiki Master, and yoga & Meditation teacher, acquiring the knowledge to heal myself.

This is my story, and I'm eager to share it and help others discover their own vibrant selves.

Singing Bowl Sound Healing_edited.jpg

Awakened by a deep yearning, I embarked on a journey of reawakening. I remembered that our very essence is woven from the fabric of nature and nurture. This ignited a passion to nourish my entire being: my physical vessel through mindful movement and conscious food choices, my mind through deep connections, and my heart through restorative rest and grounding practices.

This journey led me to immerse myself in practices that ignited my spirit and strengthened my body. Yoga became my anchor, its philosophy and practices weaving themselves into the fabric of my life. I explored various somatic tools, each uncovering deeper layers of self-awareness. I revisited old limiting beliefs, transforming them into empowering thoughts and habits. Delving into the ancient wisdom of TCM and Ayurveda enriched my understanding of holistic health and our cyclical nature. I learned to live in harmony with the rhythms within and around me.

Along the way, I gathered powerful tools that transformed my being, my life, and my work. Now, I'm filled with joy to share these precious gifts, passed down from teachers across the globe. In honor of their legacies, I offer you my wisdom nuggets, tools, and practices to guide you on a transformative journey. Together, we can release the veils obscuring your true essence and empower you to step into your radiant potential.

Each week we’ll go through a next step of unveiling along the journey of true transformation - from the inside out - and all I ask you is to fully say YES to yourself.

To courageously and curiously step into this new realm of healing and blossoming.

To do the work and create the most vibrant version of you.

Because you truly deserve it. 

Thank you for being here right now


With all the love,

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